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Well folks, the 2014 Fulton Gauchos reunion is now nothing more than a memory. We sincerely hope that it turned out to be all you expected and had hoped for? For those that made the reunion, THANK YOU for your time and presence. For those who could not make, we truly missed you.

Just after dinner on Saturday night, we all raised our glasses to all of our fallen members. It was a very brief but heartfelt tribute to these people that we all loved and miss to this day. As soon as I receive the information, I will post all the info we received at the reunion which will include a roster of all those that attended (so you can keep up with your friends) and an updated list of our deceased members.

The ice-breaker on Friday night at Lakeview Lanes was a perfect way to open a great weekend. We shared loads of stories and had a few snacks and beverages. We purchased the DCI Semi-Finals and watched them on a 55" high def TV. Many of the people stayed to watch and await the announcement for the finals to be held the following night.

Then came Saturday....For some of us, it was a VERY early start (6:00 a.m.!) to get to the firehouse and start setting up for the pig roast, all the food preparation and last minute things. Doors opened up at 12:00 noon and people started showing up right on time. We were about an hour behind with the picnic part of the day but did get it going just fine. About 5:00 p.m. we had the formal part of the day ready to go. The pig roast dinner with TONS of fixins' was outstanding. THANKS Aaron, Gay. Vinnie & Steve!!! Soon after dinner, it was time for the DCI Finals and we one uped ourselves by going to an EIGHT FEET screen and video projector with a great sound system. When it was over, The Concord Blue Devils won gold yet again breaking the record with a 99.65!

Thank you all again for everything. In our minds, the 2014 Gaucho reunion was a huge success!

The FINAL reunion wrap up meeting will be held at ???? at 1:00 p.m.
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Click HERE to see pictures of the reunion.

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